Electric mobility

Installation of electrical car charging stations


Alessio Systems, in the panorama of its services, also deals with the installation of systems for charging electric cars. The partnership with high quality brands allows Alessio Systems to satisfy all residential needs, from the installation of external charging columns to wall boxes for car garages. In addition, Alessio impianti provides its customers with its own office for the management of tax incentives related to this type of installation.

Installation of outdoor charging stations

Alessio systems installs electric columns certified for use on outdoors, such as courtyards and squares.
Alessio systems offers high quality and efficient products both for correct charging times and for durability.

Wall box for charging in indoor spaces

The Wallbox is a wall-mounted charging solution, compatible with all electric car models. Alessio Systems offers a range of products that can meet every type of needs.
Ease of use, efficiency in charging, adaptability to any type of car, possibility of remote management, are the main features proposed.

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